Plastic Boxes for Storage

You would not believe the uses some people put plastic boxes for storage to. For example, many reptile fanciers (if that’s the right phrase) use them as vivariums; that’s homes for snakes, lizards and other reptiles to you and me. In Tanzania, they are used to make simple water filtration units.

The boxes are stocked up, holes are drilled in all but the bottom box and they are filled with clean sand and stones; dirty water is poured in the top and clean water comes out the bottom, genius!

To be fair, most people will use plastic boxes for storage, to do just that… store stuff. Usually, Art & Craft materials, seasonal clothing, toys, archive files, shoes…the list is endless.

So why use plastic boxes for storage and not cardboard boxes? Well, here are some of the reasons:

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Lockable lids – many of them come with lids which can be snapped/locked closed preventing contents falling out when they’re being moved.

Stackable – Many are stackable, maximising storage space without the risk of those on top crushing the boxes at the bottom.

Waterproof – Being plastic, they’re water-resistant and some are 100% waterproof. Great if you need to ensure your stored items stay dry.

Versatile – Many boxes are now being designed for specific storage purposes. For example, some boxes come with built-in rails to store office suspension files. Others have front openings allowing you to access boxes stacked on top of one another without the need to remove the boxes on top.

Scalability – They really do come in all shapes and sizes from 0.07 litre for storing such things as stamps to boxes of 145 litres for storing the contents of an entire wardrobe.

Colours – Cardboard is usually brown whereas plastic storage boxes come in all sorts of colours and hues, from transparent red to bright aqua to cool grey to clear. Great if you want to colour code your storage, or, see the contents of the boxes without having to open them.

Plastic storage boxes are so popular nowadays that they are used widely in industry, transport, education and the home. Some storage boxes can be joined together to make banks and towers of containing many boxes and they can be moved around as they are on castors.

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