Patio Umbrella Provides Perfect Shade and Protection

How the Patio umbrella has evolved from the common market umbrella, ordinarily being promoted as corporate giveaways with logos of products, brands and institutions, to outdoor umbrellas placed in cafe shops, hotel lounges, bistros, pools, gardens, terraces, patios and decks, and now popularly recognized as patio umbrellas is truly amazing. Its transformation from the use of ordinary cheap fabrics to elegant and expensive fabrics of various designs, colors, patterns and styles is quite remarkable.

With the unpredictable global warming climate, too much sun, wind and rains necessitate the protection provided by a sturdy umbrella. When you want to enjoy the relaxation of outdoor sceneries, patio umbrellas make it possible. Manufacturers saw the growing popularity and demand of these products and their designers and researchers have come up with a wide range of styles, sizes, features and types of patio umbrellas and accessories over the years.

Who can imagine that these umbrellas have been expanded and primarily categorized now as market patio umbrellas intended for sidewalk cafes whose price range from $ 300 to $ 400 depending on the manufacturer and the brand. The other category is the commercial patio umbrella which is ideal for patios, decks, garden furniture setting, beach, pools, children play areas, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Prices vary from $ 400 and up. Other kinds of umbrellas are the offset cantiliver type with no center pole, skyline, thatched and the regular deck umbrellas.

Nowadays, their frames can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood or metal. The umbrella shade size can be customized or ready-made from 6 foot wide up to 11 foot wide. With these, you can order your patio table with sizes ranging from 30-40 inches wide up 60+ inches wide. Umbrella features vary from the crank and tilt umbrellas, easy lift, and tilt with advanced automatic or remote control features and added market lights for evening use. The lights are string or ring type, and can be solar or battery operated LED lights with prices ranging from $ 800 and up. Colors normally available are black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, white and other variations.

When it comes to fabrics, manufacturers offer durable materials such as Acrylic, Obravia, Solefin, Spun Poly, Sunbrella, Suncrylic, etc. You should choose fabrics which can withstand the effects of adverse weather conditions. Most top of the line fabrics are UV resistant, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, maintenance-free, easy to clean and made from lightweight and high density materials.

Just to give you an idea of the classic features of an advanced Australian-made giant patio umbrella, it has a collapsible and 360-degree rotating capability that can follow the sun and keep you shaded throughout the day. It has a wind rating of up to 160 km/hr., designed to face up to the unpredictable natural elements and serve you for many years. It has replaceable external winch and shade covers made from acrylate-coated canvass or PVC vinyl with UV and waterproof protection. The umbrella comes in different shapes: rectangular, oval, square, circular and octagon. The frame is made from marine stainless steel components and comes with easy DIY installation instructions.

To name a few brands of patio umbrellas, they are California Umbrella, Coral Coast, Fibert Built and Galtech. You can visit many local retail stores near you or if you want to make some canvassing, go online and surf the websites of patio umbrella suppliers. Research also customer reviews and their ratings. A five-star rating is an excellent score for a designer brand umbrella. When you want to check on the prices of the products, you can click the price range from under $100 up to $500, and up. What will arouse your interest are the promotional or discount codes and coupons being offered as well as free shipping deals, clearance sale, gift certificates, etc.

So, for a relaxing evening and morning in your patio and deck, patio umbrellas are the perfect shade and protection solution. Not only do they exude a touch of class, sophistication, elegance, and beauty, but they also give you added value and sense of pride every time you hear compliments from family, friends, and guests.

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